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The ROCKS, Inc.:  A Historical Journey
1974 - 2011



The National Board of the ROCKS, Inc. has launched a major fundraising campaign. The ROCKS, Inc.: A Historical Journey, 1974-2011 will tell the ROCKS story and commemorate major contributions made by our military officers and chapters/interest groups to strengthen the US Officers Corps and nation.  Money raised from the fundraising effort will be used to fund The National Board of the ROCKS, Inc. mentorship, outreach, scholarship and charitable programs.  In addition, funds will be provided to each of the ROCKS chapters and interest groups to help fund their programs. 

This historical book project has been approved by the Board of Directors of the ROCKS and is scheduled for publication in 2012. It is requested that anyone who may have pictures and or military stories about the ROCKS, submit them to Sharene A. Cook of WSC Associates, LLP, at 7700 Old Branch Avenue, Suite A202, Clinton, MD  20735. You can also email them to Please include photo captions. 

Although individual submissions are welcome, ROCKS Chapter and Interest Groups are highly encouraged to provide input on Chapter historical events and pictures of past presidents and officers. All pictures and stories will be logged in, copied for use in the journal, and if requested, returned to the senders. The journal is estimated to cost $60.00 and its pictures will be in color and black and white. 

The ROCKS’ Historian, COL(R) Frank Francois, USA III is the project director and can be contacted at

The cost fo the journal is $60.  We are currently accepting pre-orders at this time.  

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