Andre Foster

As the DC Chapter Vice President of Administration, I provide over watch of the following committees: Awards, Finance, Publicity, Membership, Nominating, Scholarship, Ways and Means, and others as directed by the President.

Additionally, I am responsible for the Chapter Executive Board meeting coordination and logistics and oversight of the Administrative Company (if contracted), to include the Chapter website. As the Vice-President for Administration, I am the first in line to perform the duties of the Office of the President in his or her absence or upon request.

I am a highly driven, ambitious, and confident business and project management professional. I have the interpersonal qualities needed to excel with cross-functional teams at all levels. I am versed in managing within different operations to include government, public and private sectors. 

In addition to exceptional management expertise, I am also acknowledged for being resourceful, adaptable, and self-directed with the ability to handle even the most challenging situations because of well-developed communication and organizational capabilities.

I am passionate about being engaged in Community Service, to help build a better Community for all to Live, Grow, and Work.