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Lifetime Members Renewal Process

As many of you know we have a new process of renewal because of our new website, and our goal is to make the renewal process very easy and clear. This article will include some information on your National Lifetime Membership, what portion of dues you will have to pay, and how to pay your…
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Login Assistance Flyer

How To Login?

Click “Login” located on the upper right in the menu. You will be redirected to the login page where you can enter your username and password. (If you know neither of these fields please Click Here) After inputting these fields click “Login” and after successfully logging in you will be redirected to the homepage or another…
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How Do I Reset My Password?

After clicking the link, it will redirect you to the “My Account” page for you to reset your password. Input your Username or Email Address your membership is registered under. If you know neither of these credentials, please contact our Membership Chair Committee with the information below, or use the ChatBot to get your credentials…
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How Do I Renew My Membership?

After clicking the link, it will redirect you to log in with your Washington D.C. Chapter Account (This may be different from your National Account). Please use the “Lost your password” feature, located below the log-in fields, if you can’t recover your password. You can contact the Membership Committee Chair with the information below for any assistance…
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Happy 4th of July!

On this 4th of July, we took the time to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We also thank and celebrate those whose bravery and resilience are unmatched. Thank you for your service and commitment to this great country.  Keep doing what you do, i.e., fighting…
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