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How Do I Watch Pervious LPD Sessions?

First, you must be a member of the Washington D.C. Chapter. If you’re not we encourage you to sign up. (CLICK HERE). After you sign in, under the last menu item labeled “Member Access,” hover over it then a drop-down should appear. The third dropdown item labeled “Our Latest LPD’s” is where all the previous LPD’s…
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Are Events Virtual or In-Person?

Currently, all events are virtual via Zoom. On the event information page, we will always let you know if things change. To get the Zoom information you must register for the event then the confirmation email with the Zoom information will be sent to the email you submit.

Why Did I Not Get the Link to an Event After Registering?

After registering for Washington D.C. Chapter Events, you should get an email with the Zoom Link and other information. If you didn’t get this you need to check your different inboxes. Meaning the Primary Tab, Social Tab, Updates Tab, etc. If it’s not there check your Junk/Spam and Trash. If the email didn’t make it…
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How Do I Register for an Event?

Find Events: On our Homepage, we keep a list of upcoming events going on throughout the organization not just our chapter. If you scroll down on the Homepage (labeled “Home” in the menu. CLICK HERE) you will find a section called “Upcoming Events.” There you can find all the upcoming events. Register for Events: Click the…
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