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How do I update my information once I sign up?

You will find this page under the Members Access Dropdown click My Dashboard. Then scroll down and click edit. We look forward to seeing you soon.

How do I Log In?

In the menu click log in. Enter your user name and password. Your user name will most likely be your first initial from your first name and you last name. For example, Roscoe Cartwright would be RCartwright. Your password, would be in an email from store@therocksdc.org. If you can’t find the password, you’re able to…
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How Can I Sign Up?

First I would like to welcome you to the ROCKS and you found the right organization to join. To purchase a membership, click the button either on the front page or the “Become a Member” on the navigation. Next, find your pay grade or rank, then click the button below stating “Become a Member.” When you…
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