Chapter and National Memberships

The Washington, DC Chapter of The ROCKS, Inc. provides mentorship, scholarship, fellowship, and special orientations to 8 National Capital Region ROTC Cadets, active duty or reserve component commissioned officers, and active duty or reserve component warrant officers. The organization is also dedicated to assisting and incorporating retired or former active duty and reserve component commissioned or warrant officers in supporting our mission and activities, as well as those of the National Board.

We are excited that you have decided to join The Washington DC Chapter of THE ROCKS, INC. Both the National and Chapter Membership Dues must be paid to be apart of THE ROCKS, INC. If you paid national dues on the national site already, you can select to only pay your Chapter dues. Dues will be prorated based on the month you join. Welcome to The ROCKS, INC – DC Chapter!

Chapter meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday every month (except July) at 1800. 

Membership Plans

Prorated And Automatically Charged Yearly

Cadet: $30/year

General Officer: $108/year

GS09-12: $63/year

GS13-15: $98/year

Pay Grade 01-03;WO01-02: $66/year

Pay Grade 04-06;WO03-05: $98/year

SES: $108/year

Chapter and National Memberships

Thank you for considering to become a member! The following prices are both National and Chapter Dues combined and it will be prorated appropriately depending on the month you join. Our mission and goals is to be the mentor, engage, and interact it other officers in the United States Armed Forces. Just by signing up, you get access to exclusive content like past LPD’s, Archives, Discussion Boards, Messaging, and Live Webinars from our website.