MAJ Sambriddhi “Sam” Winkler

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MAJ Sambriddhi “Sam” Winkler

MAJ Sambriddhi “Sam” Winkler was born in 1986 in Kathmandu, Nepal. She enlisted in the Army in 2004 as a Paralegal Specialist. MAJ Winkler utilized the Green to Gold Program, attended the University of Texas at Arlington, and was commissioned into the Military Intelligence Corps in 2008. She branch transferred into the AG Corps in 2013.

MAJ Winkler has served as a BN AS3, Company XO, Company Commander, Acting Deputy G1 for III Corps, Squadron S1, Brigade S1, Secretary of General Staff – 1AD, and Personnel Policy Integrator – Promotion Policy. MAJ Winkler is currently serving as a Personnel Policy Integrator – Joint Policy at the Pentagon.  

MAJ Winkler has participated in three operational deployments. In, she deployed to Camp Victory, Iraq, serving as a Battalion Executive Officer on a twelve-month rotation supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom I. In          2013, she deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, for a nine-month rotation as a Company Commander. In 2016, she deployed to Camp Buehring, Kuwait, for a nine-month rotation as a Squadron and Brigade S1.

MAJ Winkler is passionate about helping people and leading efforts on positive change for our Soldiers and their families. She is currently participating as a lead facilitator for a Department of the Army Initiative titled “Your Voice Matters.” The initiative allows a team to travel around the Army and speak to our Soldiers and civilians about the Army People First Strategy, diversity and inclusion, and receive feedback on making the Army better.

MAJ Winkler has been married to her husband for 13 years. They have two daughters, Maya and Grace, and two dogs, Coco and Louis.

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